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How to Care for Your VW

Modern Volkswagen models have an excellent build quality and many cutting-edge safety features. With that being said, prevention is still the best safety “feature” we know of. To that end, we invite you to visit us at Redline Automotive in Thomasville, Georgia, for Volkswagen service and repairs. That way, every drive will always be as enjoyable, safe, and sound as it should be! There are also a few driving habits you can start to practice to ensure a long and healthy life from your Volkswagen. For example, always maintain proper tire pressure, take extra care to check before long trips or when the weather changes, and keep a visual eye on the tires for proper tread depth and signs of damage. Also, never ignore warning lights, like your check engine light, temperature warning, or transmission fault indicator. Pay attention to your car or SUV’s handling, fuel economy, and even its sound. When these change, it’s often a precursor to trouble. Perhaps most importantly, never hesitate to contact our Volkswagen service team if you have any questions! We are always happy to help in any way we can.