Common Signs of a Coolant Leak in BMWs

Coolant fluid is critical to keeping an engine from overheating. Coolant keeps an engine within a healthy temperature range to avoid and is held in the coolant reservoir, then sent through the engine through nearby cylinder heads. After absorbing excess heat from the cylinder heads, the coolant goes to the radiator, cooling it. When your vehicle’s coolant leaks, you will most likely see it in puddles beneath your car or immediately notice a change in your engine’s ability to regulate its temperature. The temperature gauge will show you when and if your engine is getting too hot. However, you’ll likely be able to smell coolant leakage or an overheating engine inside the vehicle while it’s in use. If you do, it’s time to check your BMW with our ASE-Certified auto service technicians at Redline Automotive in Thomasville, Georgia, as soon as possible.

Types of Coolant Leaks

There are two coolant leaks: internal and external. An easy way to diagnose an external problem is if there are puddles of coolant under your car. This leak most likely comes from a cracked coolant reservoir, an improperly fastened radiator cap, or your hoses require replacement. Sometimes, you may have an external leak without seeing any puddles.

Avoid Overheating

Vehicles can and will sustain serious damage due to consistent engine overheating; the fumes from overheating engines can be dangerous. One easy way to spot overheating is by seeing smoke while you drive. Don’t ignore overheating and avoid getting stuck on the side of the road. BMW repair and maintenance are much less costly when these problems are diagnosed and resolved at an earlier stage rather than later. To keep your luxury vehicle performing properly, check in with a trusted team of auto repair technicians every six to eight months to catch issues early.

BMW Repairs at Redline Automotive

You may be able to spot the signs of coolant leakage early and go to a local auto repair shop that specializes in BMW repair. With trained onsite technicians, BMW repair is quick and affordable, so try not to wait for a rainy day. At Redline Automotive in Thomasville, Georgia, our team offers the full range of BMW repair and maintenance servicing. Our team can quickly diagnose coolant leaks and resolve the issue with a repair or replacement.

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